Stopwatch! officially opened on January 25, 2000, but the idea for the shrine had been brewing for about half of a year before its opening. ^^

Stopwatch! was born because the creator, A-chan, was ticked off at the lack of quality Miki sites on the net. Being one of the more obsessive Miki fans, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and make a shrine herself... even though she had yet to see the series past the first tape. -___-;; As of now, however, she has seen the whole series, although some information may still have some errors in it. If you come across any, please e-mail her. She'd be most greatful. ^_-

Stopwatch! actually went on a long hiatus for awhile because of lack of interest. But it's back up and fully updated, although it will remain static for the rest of its existance. A-chan has other things she needs to attend to, sadly enough.

The name came about because, obviously, of Miki's stopwatch. A-chan adores the stopwatch; she thinks that it must be Akio inside it, who's actually telling Miki to do bad things. Buuuuuut anyway, she hopes that you enjoy her first shrine, and that you will return to it soon. ^^

She will also stop refering to herself in third person. Heh...

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