A name can sometimes determine what a person is really like, be it in their nature or their appearance. According to the Kabalarians, the following is true for Miki:

"Your name of Miki gives you a very responsible, stable nature. Your calmness of mind enables you to analyze objectively, and to make decisions quickly, making it possible for you to do well in business or in any professional capacity. Because of your serious, self- possessed nature you can appear domineering and forceful to others. You have a strong humanitarian nature and many times you are called upon to assist others with their problems. Your desire to help sometimes is not appreciated, however, because they feel you are interfering. You are fond of home and children and desire a settled environment. You have an appreciation for music and art, and could express along these lines. Mental tension could result through worrying too much over your problems or the problems of others, with an adverse effect on your nervous system."

For the most part, this is very true of Miki. He is a responsible person, and is VERY good at analyzing things objectively [his strong talent at math, for one]. He is pretty serious, but he is not the domineering force the description above might have you believe. He does help out a lot, as his tutoring of Utena and Anthy proves. However, I do not think that many feel he is interfering. And, of course, he has a deep appreciation for music and expresses himself accordingly.

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