In Adolescence Mokushiroku, the Utena movie, Miki plays a very minor role. He only appears in a few scenes of the film, but the scenes he *was* in were very interesting indeed. ^^

We first see Miki fencing with Juri as Wakaba takes Utena-kun on a tour of the new Ohtori. Wakaba mentions that he is very cute, but his sister won't let anyone get near him. ^_-

Later, Miki and Kozue are shown taking a bath together. Kozue is plucking her brother's eyebrows. Suddenly, she rips the shower curtain down around them and pulls Miki's head back, holding the razor to his throat.

Juri and Miki are in a hall of Kozue cars later in the film. Juri leans over to Miki and makes suggestive comments to him. Soon, Shiori saunters up and latches herself onto Juri. "You'll be sure to win the duel against Utena, right?" she says to the older girl. "I'll kick her ass," Juri confidently replies.

As the two walk away, Miki has a revelation. "The one who you want to break away from, ne?" he murmurs.

Finally, the last we see of him is when Anthy is driving the Utena Car away to the real world. Anthy is almost crushed by the hordes of Shiori Cars chasing her. Suddenly, a long chain reaches out and pulls the Utena Car to safety. The Student Council is atop a strange car-looking thing - the device that saved Anthy. The Shadow Play girls gasp. "It looks as if Himemiya's been saved by friendship!" Miki and the others smile at the purple-haired girl. Before the Student Council disappears through a tunnel, Miki gives Anthy directions to escape from Ohtori.

While Miki is not a main focus of the movie, I cannot stress enough how GREAT Adolescence Mokushiroku is! My only gripes are that the Student Council isn't a major focus of the movie and that Akio is really stupid. O_O;; [Kagi? Kagi?! ::throws self out window::] For anyone that has not seen this movie, I suggest that you do so as soon as possible. It's filled with even more surrealism than the series, the animation is lovely, and Utena and Anthy dance. ^^

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