Full Name: Kaoru Kozue
Meaning: Fragrant Top
Seiyuu: Honda Chieko
Sex: Female
Grade: 7th grade
Date of Birth: 5/28
Blood Type: O
Talents: Flirting, being obsessive
Love Interests: Any man in Ohtori

Kaoru Kozue is Miki's twin sister. She adores her brother to such a level where it seems that she is obsessed with him. She loves her brother dearly and wants to be the most special woman in his life, before anyone else. She even threw Miki's piano teacher down the stairs because he was hitting on him!

Earlier in their lives, Miki and Kozue had spent every waking moment together. They played piano together in their garden, happily sipping Miki's great milkshakes. But, things and people change over time. The two grew older and eventually apart from each other; a fact that Kozue bitterly resents.

Unfortunately, Kozue learns that Miki has become infatuated with Anthy and develops a resentment toward her. She feels that Anthy has taken her brother away from her. To get back at Miki, Kozue purposely gets 'involved' with men she knows her brother would never approve of.

Soon, Kozue meets up with Mikage, the creator of the Black Rose Seminar. She decides to go to the seminar, and enters Mikage's elevator. In this chamber, her feelings for Miki and her hatred toward Anthy are multiplied tenfold. She decides to become a Black Rose Duellist to kill Anthy.

I don't really like Kozue much. In my opinion, she's a whore- but not as bad as Shiori. [Don't get me started on the Shiori thing, please. O_O;] I do understand her actions, though: they all grew out of her love for her brother. So, while she's not my favorite character in Utena, Kozue is not that bad of a person. After all, she tried to save the bird nest, ne? ^_-

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