Full Name: Kaoru Miki
Meaning: Fragrant Trunk
Seiyuu: Hisakawa Aya
Sex: Male
Grade: 7th
Date of Birth: May 28
Blood Type: O
Talents: Math, piano, fencing
Love Interests: Anthy, Utena [manga], Juri

Kaoru Miki is an intelligent seventh grader attending Ohtori Gauken. His grades are far above average, and he excels at most every school subject. He's taking college courses in addition to his studies at Ohtori.

Aside from being a genius, Miki is also on the fencing team and is a member of the elite Student Council. He's the secretary of the Council, and always is timing something with his stopwatch.

Miki also can play the piano beautifully. His favorite piece to play, The Sunlit Garden, reminds him of his 'Shining Thing' -- the spark of light that inspires him to continue playing the piano. He once viewed his twin sister, Kozue, as his Shining Thing. He believes that Anthy is his Shining Thing, since she too can play the piano with the same spark of light Kozue did, and inspires him in the same way. Thus, he duels Utena for Anthy. Otherwise, he does not believe in the duels and tries to avoid dueling if possible.

Miki has a very pleasant personality and is the only Student Council member who does not hold a grudge toward anyone. He befriends Utena and Anthy, and even has a crush on Utena in the manga. In the anime, he has a crush on Anthy. ["Aww, that's so like Himemiya!"] He also holds a friendship of sorts with Juri. Some believe this to be more than a friendship. However, I personally think that this could not work out, as Juri is too deeply in love with Shiori. Their quasi-relationship is much more apparent in the Adolescence Mokushiroku movie, however.

Miki's birthday is May 28. He is a Gemini.

Kaoru Miki roughly translates to "fragrant trunk". As an interesting note, Kaoru Kozue translates to "fragrant top", refering to a treetop.

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