You might thinking, "why the heck would anyone want to make a shrine to Miki?!" Then again, you might just be wondering why I love him to death. Here we go. ^^

First off... he's got the blue hair. In my opinion, the most awesome anime characters tend to have blue, silver, or brown hair. Like Ami from Sailormoon, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7, and Hidaka Ken from Weiß Kreuz. Miki's hair is just droolworthy. I wish I could have hair like that. ^^;

Another thing is his intelligence. IMO, smart guys are hotter than most would realize. [Of course, this is coming from the girl that couldn't wait for the free version of BeOS to come out... -__-;;] Intelligent guys are just plain sexy! Yes, Bill Gates is my idol. O_x;;

He plays the piano. Piano music is so pretty! Yes, I have a thing for classical and instrumental music. ^^ Not only can he play it, but he plays it well. Always a plus.

His duel themes are awesome! Mm, Spiral Mirabilis Gekijou... great stuff. What more can i say. ^^

Miki has a crush on Anthy. Okay, okay, cheap reason. ^^;; But with myself being one of the world's bigger Anthy fans, I've gotta credit him to be able to realize just how awesome she is! Mwahahaha...

Others' Reasons Why Miki Rocks:

GG says: "You forgot how much he loves his sister, even considering what she does. ;)" Oh so very true. ^^ I don't think that I would be able to love my sister if she was, ahem, promiscuous. O_x;;

Christina mentioned that "not only is Miki totally hot and talented, but you also forget his dedication to everything he does - fencing, piano, his sister, and Anthy. Dedication and perseverance is a seriously sexy trait in a guy." Absolutely! How could I have forgotten that? ^_-

Danielle cried, "Because he's pure! Or innocent, in a way. He's not necessarily drool-worthy, but...Miki no kawaii! Miki no kawaii!" Exactly. O_O;;

C-ko babbled, "He's got a blender! Grr! Grr! Grr! He can grind up the small birds and the SQUIRRELS!" Or make milkshakes. Whichever. O_O;;

Romeo replied with a whole slew of reasons:

"Who else can pull of a Beatle's 'do? He's completely dedicated to Juri. Trusting and kind, and he's a loyal friend. Only one capable of making people consistantly believe he likes the same girl. (I swear he stopped liking Himemiya!) He killed Ruka! (Uh-huh, Uh-huh, look at symbolism! He poisoned him with arsenic!) He's a tad... of an... umm... stalker? (ever notice he always pops up where Juri is, unless it's a Shiori scene?!) He's the only one capable of saying: 'I sound just like Mercury but I'm OK!' He's smarter than anyone I know. ^^;;; He's better than Kozue (MOOO Ever notice the hair?)... He's better than Shiori (BAA! Goat of Lucifer! Goat of Lucifer!)... He's better than Ruka (CLUCK! Skinny as a chicken and twice as ugly!)..."

I couldn't have said it better myself. ^^ Shiori IS the goat! ::cackles:: O_o;;

Esh says, "Miki is great for many reasons, but one of them is that he has a stopwatch! Stopwatches are both cool and good for amusing simple-minded people, like me. Not saying that Miki is simple-minded (which is definitely is NOT)! Just that he carries one around and clicks it at the most appropriate times!" Precisely!

Matt G. writes in with, "gotta agree that he has the talent... but notice that he is one of the only stars of the show that don't start out being a severe asshole. He is really the nice guy!! The others are perverted, abusive, stuck up, psychopathic or even incestuous! In so many cases, the best is only figured in contrast to the worthless festering carcasses around it... he is figured the best NOT ONLY like that, but all the other reasons above!!!

"Also... out of every person on the show i can only remember the names of Utena, Chu-Chu, Anthy, and Kaoru himself. (I only know the others as that princy dude, green-haired guy, red-haired guy, and dumb blonde X_x)" Always useful to know his name... O_o;

Got any more reasons as to why Miki's the best? E-mail me with them!

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