Ever wonder what Miki's doing with that stopwatch? Here are some fans' views on the stopwatch issue. Got anything you want to add? Send them in!

1. Akio's really inside the stopwatch, telling him to do bad things.
2. He's timing how long it takes before Kozue hits on him again.
3. He's just obsessive-compulsive.
4. He forgot his pills.
5. "He's just trying to stop it on 1.00 exactly so he can be cool." - Matt
6. "This goes against his non-fighting philosophy but there's an idea that if you can perfectly time a person's actions, reaction times and idiosyncracies, all their attacks towards you will be like an open book to which you know every sentence, word and letter." - Mark F.
7. He's waiting for tea and crumpet time!
8. ...or he's waiting for tea and strumpet *cough* Shiori and Kozue *cough* time.
9. "He's timing how long it'll be till he should ask Anthy out.
10. He has nothing better to do.
11. Timing his thoughts.
12. Timing to see when Touga will hit on another girl.
13. Feels like annoying everyone he knows." - Nickie A.
14. "He is timing his progress on certain tasks... because so far as I have seen, every time after he stops it, he writes something down.
15. He is probably trying to improve his mental speed.
16. He is figuring the probability of randomly starting and stopping the watch.
17.It could be a project to find the most common number between a certain set boundary.
18. Or, as a friend has said, "its his fetish". " - Matt G.
19. "He's timing how long it takes for Utena to lose her temper." - Luke
20. He's calculating the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow. [African or European...?]

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