Spira Mirabilis Theatre : 1st duel song
Immortal Emporer in a Mundane Universe : 2nd duel
Utopian Past-Tense Incantation : Kozue's duel song
The Sunlit Garden : piano theme [BGM]
Legend of the God Named Abraxas : Student Council theme [BGM]

No, these aren't mine. I found them from random places. If they're yours, tell me and I'll credit you and/or remove them.

None yet!

Other Shtuff
I'm on the lookout for any Miki desktop images, Winamp skins, whatever! If you have some stuff that you'd like to submit, I'll be glad to take it. ^^ You'll get full credit for your work, of course! Drop me a line at achan@dork.com. PLEASE don't attatch files to the message! Send me a link to where I can DL them on my own. I don't get much space in that mailbox. ^^;